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LA SEXORCISTO first appeared exactly thirty years ago this year as an offshot of the seminal Minotaure gothic parties and quickly became a more or less regular event in the university town of Neuchâtel, French Switzerland. While the name was taken from a White Zombie album, its core concept was inspired – if we want to be honest here – by the earliest Torture Garden parties that were starting to create quite a buzz in London at the time. With the original TG we shared the urge of breaking the boundaries between the fetish/bdsm, gothic and clubbing/techno/rave scenes, in order to create a kind of new, unapologetically hedonistic clubbing experience.

But for various reasons (mostly that quiet French Switzwerland isn’t exactly London, UK), La SeXorcisto did not go on to become quite as huge as Torture Garden and stopped after seven years and a dozen successful events in various locations, including the Casino de la Rotonde in Neuchâtel or the Mad in Lausanne.

In 2009, after a long hiatus, La SeXorcisto was reactivated, investing different locations, with different themes, for each couple of parties, from Lausanne to Geneva and from Yverdon to… Fully, Valais. After a second cycle of seven years (maybe there is some esoteric masterplan after all…), La SeXorcisto was put to rest one final time… or so we thought.

But like an unstoppable zombie trooper that can’t remain dead for too long, the creature was summoned against all expectations, odds and logic by the Dark Industry DJs collective in 2022… and the renewed freakshow began roaming the Swiss night looking for fresh blood and new kicks once again. For its 30th anniversary, La SeXorcisto went international with La SeXorcisto Barcelona at the Legendary Undead Dark Club. Who would’ve thought, 30 years ago…

WHAT IS LA SEXORCISTO ? Our nights of dark debauchery bring together extraordinary and lovely creatures, creative people, gifted and generous individuals. Our goal is to create a temporary space of liberty, free of judgment, outside of social norms, genres, genders and sexual categories. Some do not like to mix and mingle, too bad for them. La SeXorcisto is not intended for « true » this or that, purists or sectarians, we cater to no particular scene or audience. La SeXorcisto is about individuality and freedom, pleasure and fun.

One absolutely central thing that will never change, is that we’ll strive to bring you the best performers we can find, from burlesque striptease to medical gorefest, from dadaist sex performance to brutal hellectro live show. Artists who already performed at La SeXorcisto include Yade (CH), Vdrey (FR), Happymaniacs (CH), Zero Shop & Kamikaze Korsets (ES), Trincea (CH), Amarantha LaBlanche (NL), Natacha von Wynn (CH), DJ Khimaira (JP), DJ Luca EW (IT) DJ Doctor Miguel Angel (ES), DJ Kevin Shala (CH), Tribehole Piercing (CH), Mz Sunday Luv (CA), Shippuunotenshi (CH), Polly Fey (UK), Gloria Gaybar (CH), Yann Syviam (CH), Kriminal Kabarett (ES), Rubberstar (IT), Johanna Wendychka (FR), Misty Lotus (CH), Miss Harley Quinn’s (CH), SeX⸸RemE (CH), Lulu Wite (CH), Aria (CH), Jessi Chawn (TH), Romeo Colchic (CH), Mako Pirotika (ES) and many, many more.

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