Live Set Atmospheric Session & VJ Art Trip

Lith Li is a DJ/Producer and founder of Quintaesencia Events in Barcelona.

Through her productions, she manifests music as a medium towards a feminist vision. Immersing the listener in a melodic and sensory journey through her Atmospheric sessions in the 🚨RED SEA🚨, where finding liberation is possible on the dancefloor.

Her DJ sets are a narrative built from carefully selected tracks, which embrace and give visibility to those referents of history that left their mark on us in silence, and couldn’t see the light, oscillating between music with hidden messages and riddles for the human mind.

Their transgressive imagery, symbols and latex clothes submerge us through those socially imposed constructions from the visible-sexualized image to the non-visible one of the free understanding of women.

It’s the struggle for music from a change for equality that makes this artist create.

Vindicative, Radical and Free; #foranewgenesis in music, is how she manifests it!🍎

“My imagination and inspiration are rooted in Lilith, the first woman of creation, a figure found in Hebrew, Babylonian and Sumerian mythology.”

Zero-Nine Magazine

La SeXorcisto presents
Live Set Atmospheric Session & VJ Art Trip
Opening: DJs Antz X Shin (from darkwave to darktechno) & Lady Kaos (from postpunk to industrial)
21h00 – 02h00
GT’S Bar & Lounge Club
Tivoli 5, Lausanne (CH)

THIS IS A FETISH EVENT! Dresscode: #latex #vinyl #velvet #lace #leather #pierced #tattooed #bodypainted #naked #gothic #satanic #angelic #medical #oriental #biblical… Use your imagination, make yourself beautiful !
No jeans, no t-shirts, no casual wear!